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Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing criminal charges in Fresno?

The Law Offices of Nuttall & Coleman is a premier law firm located in Fresno, the heart of the Central Valley. The firm is a well-respected criminal defense team sharing over 40 years of combined experience in the criminal justice system. When you enlist the assistance of the legal team at the firm you will receive the dedicated and professional legal representation needed when charged with a criminal offense in the area. As former district attorneys, the criminal defense attorneys at the firm have an exceptional perspective and knowledge of the criminal justice system from both sides that serves the client well when determining a strategy for your defense, no matter how serious the charges may appear.

Facing criminal charges can be one of the most intimidating experiences in your life. Most individuals in this position are concerned about which way to turn and where to find the help that is so crucial if you are hoping to avoid conviction or ameliorate the damage in a criminal case. The legal team from the firm can step in and take control of the defense of your case, no matter how impossible it may appear initially. With the extensive experience in negotiation and litigation, the firm provides you with the aggressive and dedicated legal advocate you can rely on.

Fresno Criminal Defense: Areas of Practice

As a seasoned criminal defense law firm serving the residents of Fresno, the firm has effectively represented numerous clients in an array of criminal cases, including homicide, capital murder, arson, fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering, white collar crimes and sex crimes. The firm also works diligently to help provide information on expungement of records, pardons, appeals (state and federal) and other practice areas.

Whether you are facing charges of domestic violence, drug crimes, possession or DUI, a member of the firm is ready to represent your rights and freedom. When facing serious charges, your future is on the line. However, not only is your freedom at stake, but your family name and reputation are as well. Individuals who are convicted of a crime will have to forever carry around the mark of a conviction on their criminal record. Future employers, lenders, schools and more will be able to find this information freely by conducting a background check, and you may be denied certain privileges because of this.

As such, it is vitally important to have a seasoned Fresno criminal defense lawyer at your side during the entire process. Without your attorney, you run the risk of being convicted of an offense, even if you did not do it. In too many cases, an overzealous prosecutor will use inadequate information against you or violate your rights to get information, and you wind up convicted because of this. Protect your rights and protect your future – call a Fresno criminal defense attorney from the firm today.

Find a Criminal Lawyer in Fresno

Conviction of a criminal offense can affect your freedom and future and will likely negatively influence your personal and professional reputation, even on a minor misdemeanor. Conviction can lead to harsh penalties that include fines, probation, mandatory drug or anger management classes, community service or even jail and prison time. In a more serious criminal case, a conviction could result in loss of employment, difficulty obtaining housing or loans and in sex crime convictions the requirement to register as a sex offender when convicted.

When you face criminal prosecution you need to seek out experienced legal representation with a strong record of success. As your freedom and future are at stake, obtaining high quality legal counsel in the Fresno area must be your top priority. The firm offers you the personal attention and dedication you need when facing criminal charges. The well-earned reputation garnered over the years in the legal community is an indication of the professionalism and high quality of the criminal defense team at the firm. Don't risk your freedom with a less experienced criminal defense lawyer. Contact an attorney from the firm you can count on to present a strong defense on your behalf.

Contact a Fresno criminal defense attorney for outstanding legal representation.

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